2008 Cadillac Escalade EXT: Detail Oriented

Just about every aspect of this Cadillac Escalade EXT exceeds the standards.

Story: Reynald Fries

Photography: Andrew Link

Just take one long look at this truck. Right off the bat, we’re impressed without even knowing the performance specs or whether the interior is still factory stock. Why? Because the paint job alone on this Caddy looks like it belongs in an art gallery along Museum Mile, New York City. The candy-red paint with shades of purple and blue designs is just plain cool, while the 30-inch Asanti AF163 rims, colored to match, fit perfectly with the patterns of the paint scheme. Take a closer look and notice the intricacies such as the flake added to the purple paint, and the silver etching on the door handles and roof rack, along the windows and front grille—but most interestingly, on the brake calipers!

Not only is this Cadillac truck a canvas, it’s also a work of art all on its own, and it’s just about flawless. Open the front doors and rear suicides and see how all the seats are carefully wrapped and diamond-stitched in ostrich leather without a single imperfection. It’s refreshing to sit on and see those plump, firm diamonds, considering how many times people have attempted stitching like this only to leave the surface flat and hard, deflated and ugly. Between the two front seats is a monstrous Kicker Solo-Baric L7 subwoofer. In back, the two rear seats are separated by two more L7s.

The exterior paint flows inside and covers the whole dashboard and all fiberglass interior panels, including the steering wheel and all around the Alpine in-dash screens.

In the truck bed, there are four (yes, four) more L7s housed in candy-red fiberglass, along with speakers and tweeters that surround four of the most powerful Kicker amps on the market. Moreover, the stance of this truck is done properly and in a sophisticated fashion: It’s not slammed to the ground, and it’s definitely not lifted, either. The air suspension allows the truck to be lowered just enough to bring everything closer together, to mesh the paint, the wheels and the entire truck—making sure each individual modification brings out the best in all the others.

Spec The Technique:

Year/Make/Model: 2008 Cadillac Escalade EXT

Performance: Gibson Performance Exhaust muffler; Brembo 8 pot brakes, front 19-inch rotors, rear 16-inch rotors

Exterior: Rear suicide doors; custom grille; air suspension; candy-red paint with purple and blue accents and flake; silver etching along select features; E&G Classics grille and vents; custom-painted engine covers; custom air filter; rear suicide doors and hood; air suspension

Interior: Diamond-stitched ostrich and crocodile leather seats; custom fiberglass installation

Ice: One Kicker ZX2500.1, one ZXS1500.1 and three ZX650.4 amplifiers, three 10-inch and four 12-inch Solo-Baric L7 subwoofers, four 8-inch CompVT subwoofers, three QS65.2 component speaker sets; Alpine BIGX VIE-X088 navigation system and sound processor, one 10-inch, two 7.5-inch and two 20-inch monitors

Wheels/Tires: 30-inch Asanti AF163 wheels; DUB TRI-ACE tires, 275/25/30

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