RIDES July/August 2013 Covers Revealed—It’s The Japan Issue!

We flew halfway around the world to find Japan's hottest cars—and soon you'll see them.

rides july:august 2013 japan cover 2 rides july:august 2013 japan cover 1

You may have heard the news, but in case you haven’t, RIDES has gone international. For our July/August issue, we’re bringing you something you’ve never seen before—an issue of RIDES entirely filled with the finest custom cars in Japan. From front to back, cover to cover, every page of content (well, except the ads, but we don’t control that) comes straight from The Land of the Rising Sun. There’s cars, clubs, shops, and all the other things you expect from RIDES, but with a unique Japanese flair. Doesn’t matter if you’re into old-schools, new-schools, trucks, exotics or luxury; Japan has it all, and we found it.

The new issues should be dropping on newsstands in a couple weeks, but we’re so excited about this one, we couldn’t contain ourselves. So check out the covers…and don’t be afraid to share ’em on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or wherever ya like!

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