Where I’m From: Block Burna

Atlanta street legend Block 125 has yet to produce a studio album, but his fleet is hard to beat.

Story: Evan “Evo” Yates

Photography: Kevin Bandy

Reppin’ ATL’s Zone 3—more specifically, Cleveland Ave.—Block 125 is a legend in the streets of Atlanta. Known for his impeccable whip game and street authenticity, he hopes to follow the blueprint laid out by the likes of Gucci Mane, Yo Gotti and Young Jeezy in converting street fame into hip-hop success.

Block’s eclectic fleet isn’t your typical hood collection oozing with brazen additions. On the contrary; one of Block’s self-appointed nicknames, “Barrett Jackson Shawty” is actually not far from the truth, as his rides typically hone mass appeal while still being custom and relevant in the streets. Admittedly, his first official ride was a candy-red ’72 Pontiac Grand Prix on 20-inch Daytons many years ago. Since then, Block 125’s whip game has always hovered above the competition, from his prized possession, a 1967 supercharged Nova SS, to his 2012 matte-gray Camaro SS and everything in between. Block admits that only a handful of ATLiens have shared the automotive throne, two in particular. “The only two guys I would say that I have respected in the city with nice whips are gone but never will be forgotten,” says Block 125. “And that’s Westside Slimm and Puerto Rican Johnny—rest in peace.”

In 2009 Block opened 125 Records, a record store that was eventually converted into a full-fledged recording studio, and after dabbling in artist management, Block 125 decided to jump into the rap game himself. “I had a few artists signed to my label,” he explains, “and that influenced me to try it out.” His skills on the mic coupled with his undeniable street fame proved to be a potent combination, which has garnered a buzz reminiscent of Young Jeezy around the “Trap or Die” days. Watching Block 125’s videos, it’s evident his love for custom autos is intertwined with his music, as there isn’t a single visual without a slew of dope rides throughout.

For the near future, Block 125 has multiple projects on the horizon, including forming an affiliation with Rick Ross’s label, Maybach Music Group, performing at shows across the South and dropping his next mixtape, Street Life Part 2. And to no one’s surprise, Block 125 plans on opening his own vehicle restoration shop, 125 Customs, in 2013.