Car Control: Ferrari Racing Legends

Atari / Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, PC

Story: Paul Semel

In recent years, racing games have constantly tried to one-up each other by letting you drive increasingly bigger and more diverse collections of cars. But the new Test Drive is taking a different approach by giving you 52 rides…all Ferraris.

Made by Slightly Mad Studios (Need for Speed: Shift), Ferrari Racing Legends covers the Italian company’s history since they started making street-legal vehicles in 1947. This means you’ll not only drive Magnum P.I.’s 1977 308 GTS and a 2009 458 Italia like Akon, but also the 1950 Testa Rossa up through the 2011 F1 racing car. And while it’s hardly complete, it makes up for missing such notable rides as the 360 Modena from Jay-Z’s “Dirt Off Your Shoulder” video by having the 360 Spider and the 360 Challenge Stradale instead. The game is even split into eras (1947–1973, 1974–1990 and 1990–2011) so you can just drive the classics or stick to the modern machines.

Unfortunately, the actual racing isn’t as cool as the cars. While most events—which consist of time trials and races on real European tracks—are engaging, thanks to the other drivers being total pros, a couple are noticeably harder than others. There’s even some in which you’re penalized for cutting corners, and you may have to start over if you hit too many obstacles or don’t finish quick enough. It also doesn’t help that, even at the lowest skill level—which kicks in all of the automatic steering and braking assists—some cars skid like they need new tires.

Unless you’re a total Ferrari fanboy, Test Drive: Ferrari Racing Legends will feel rather shallow and limited, in large part because of its reason for being—it only offers Ferraris. But if you’re a big fan of sexy Italian sports cars, and you can forgive the skidding and uneven difficulty, this racer is molto bene.

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