Bulletin: Welcome To The New RIDES Magazine Online

Hope you dig it.

rides crenshaw mclaren mp4-12c

Top up the tank—it’s gonna be a good ride.

As you look in front of you—from your desktop, laptop, tablet or smartphone—you’ll notice that rides-mag.com has changed. You’re looking at a fresh face for RIDES Magazine online. Just like the rag you’ve come to love has gone through changes, the digital version had to keep up also. It’s a digital world, people!

What has been a long time coming, the new interface is easier to navigate, more interactive, cleaner and offers more high-res photography focusing on the automotive landscape in a way that has not been offered previously. Special online-only feature stories will also be accessible through rides-mag.com with new contributors, guest writers and photographers. We’re in it to be the best and though it will take time, it will be worth yours.

The site is still going through some testing, debugging and remains in a BETA state but we want you to spend some time on it. Explore the new features and drop us lines about what you like, dislike or generally what’s wrong. Be rough on us, we want to make the site as perfect as possible and you’re the biggest critic.

Hopefully ya’ll like the new design and rides-mag.com becomes your go to destination for car features, photography and news on the web. So instead of waiting at your mailboxes month to month, browse the site, speak your mind and most of all enjoy.