Talkin’ Crash: Kendrick Lamar

The rapper reminisces on his childhood in the hood, on the hood.

rides cars kendrick lamar talkin' crash

As told to: Branden Peters

Illustration: Jason Raish

“I wasn’t even driving yet for the most memorable accident I’ve been in. It was dur- ing a big block party on Fourth of July weekend. I had my new Jordans on and shit, trying to be fresh on my bike and show off for the girls. I was, like, 13. One of the homeboys was throwing a football really fast—we used to call them bullets. I’m speeding past, and he throws the football directly under the front wheel of my bike. I must have flipped over the whole bike and landed on top of my mom’s gray Buick. It was a big block party in my neighborhood in Compton, so everybody was out in front of each house, and when I hit the hood, it made the loudest noise. People were just looking and crying laughing. I went in the house and didn’t come out for the whole night.”

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