RIDES 50th Issue Cover Revealed!

We hit our golden issue.

rides cars issue 50 cover september 2011

That’s right, folks, the next new issue of RIDES to land in your hands will be the 50th issue of your favorite car mag! We’ve got some big surprises in store for this one, and while we don’t wanna give too much away, we will say there’ll be a trip or two down memory lane in there…and, of course, all the dope whips you’d expect. So watch those newsstands and keep an eye on your mail boxes, because the new issue will be here before you know it!

2 Responses to “RIDES 50th Issue Cover Revealed!”

  1. Hector Torres

    When will issue 50 will b on sale, and what store will I be able to find it

  2. charlie bO$$ DAWGG FREY

    yo wut’z good ride$ ‘fam nyce job on da 50th i$$UE cover lyke hector a$KEd yo when will ryde$ 50th i$$UE aka da king$ of kandy be out plea$E holla baq one tyme peace .one blood .


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