BMW 5 Series GT Trussardi

Slightly out of reach, but executed perfectly.

Story: Alex Bernstein

A culture built on rich history and passione, Italy is a staple in the world of leather, and Trussardi—while you may not have heard of it—is a leader in the field. Trussardi is an Italian fashion house that specializes in leather gloves and luggage, and in celebration of their 100-year anniversary, they’ve collaborated with BMW Italia to offer a limited- edition 5 Series Gran Turismo. Their objective was to create an exclusive vehicle that represented the strengths of both brands: innovation, style and the highest in quality. At first glance, you can see this is no standard GT.

The paint is a three-layer metallic stain dubbed Heraldic Brown that changes color depending on the amount of light hitting the surface. To keep the clean elegance going, the grille and window trim are painted the same hue as the body. One peek inside is all it takes to grasp the true class of this Bimmer. The use of Leather Glove Beige seamlessly blends with the exterior, and the headrests are embossed with the Trussardi logo, just in case you forget what version you’re piloting. At a steep range of 70,000 to 105,000 euros ($99,000 to $149,000), this isn’t a car for everyone. Though, with tentative plans to offer the model abroad, you might be in luck in the near future—fingers crossed.

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