Car Control: Asphalt 3D & MotoGP 10/11

Two new video games designed to thrill.

Story: Paul Semel

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Asphalt 3D

As one of the first games on the Nintendo 3DS—a new handheld system with a 3-D screen that doesn’t require glasses—it’s hard not to be distracted by the striking visuals. As you’d expect from a Ridge Racer–esque game, it has turbo-flavored power-ups, alternate pathways, crazy jumps and 40-plus rides that range from affordable (Mini Cooper) to exotic (Lamborghini Estoque) all the way to conceptual (Citroën Survolt). But it also has Burnout-like crashes, lets you knock your opponents off the road and pays big bucks for pulling off stunts. All of this coupled with responsive controls, as well as 17 real-world street tracks that are twisty without being too twisted, and you’ve got a solid Sunday drive.

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MotoGP 10/11
Capcom/Playstation 3

Usually, new installments of this motorcycle-racing simulation series just get upgrades to the handling, physics and racing schedule. MotoGP 10/11 does indeed do this. In fact, this will automatically and freely download the events of the 2011 season when it begins, adding to the existing 2010 events. But the crew at Capcom has also added a new co-op mode. Two players sitting on a couch together can be on the same team, working together to win the race. Fans of arcade-style racers will find the handling and physics overly sensitive, even with the upgrades, but for gamers looking for another realistic motorcycle racing game, MotoGP is once again a sweet ride that doesn’t disappoint.