Top 10 Harley-Davidson Sportsters

Here's ten Harley Davidson Sportster bikes that are bad ass enough to rethink grabbing that Bagger.

Words: Evan ‘Evo’ Yates

Whether it be in the car game or the world of motorcycles, everyone likes a little variety and it’s widely accepted that not every type of ride is built to endure the everyday streets. For example, a Donk on 30-inch wheels with candy paint or a bagger with a 30-inch front wheel will garner plenty of attention, yet it may not exactly be the best choice for cruising. In contrast, a more bad ass iconic ride is not only more functional but garners a different type of props that’s a bit more understated but possibly more genuine. In the gallery above, we’ve highlighted ten Harley Davidson Sportsters that range from mean and powerful, to a little more on the wild side. Our featured motorcycle of the set is the ‘Stealth Bullet’ Sportster from Rough Crafts that shares a similar motif with past featured rides like the Fesler Built 1958 Apache or the 1963 Riviera and we definitely could see ourselves hopping out of one and on to the other.

For more on Harley Davidson Sportsters, head over to their site now!

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