14 Things We Want To See More Of In 2014

2013 was a good year in the custom car world. Here's what we want to see more of next year!

Pro Touring Cars With Big Rims. We’ve always loved these cars but now that people are stuffing 24x15s out back it just makes them that much better!

Custom C7 Corvettes. Admittedly, the TS Designs/Forgiato/JC Customz C7 set the bar pretty high this year. Will somebody else take the C7 crown in 2014?

Attention to Stance. At this point in the game, if your ride isn’t sittin’ right then you’re simply irrelevant.

Street Muscle. As much as we appreciate and respect a clean muscle car on rallies, a customChevelle on staggered wheels is hard to beat.

Colorful Matte Wraps. Keep the crazy colors coming!

Old School Trucks. Trucks have always been in style but the versatility and functionality you get from a custom old school truck is un-paralleled. Be on the lookout for a certain ’71 C10 build coming soon!

Kandy! Kandy/Candy paint will never go out of style. Ever.

Frame-Off Builds. The game has elevated to a point where if your old school isn’t broken all the way down and built from the ground up, it’s probably not in contention to earn a top spot.

Custom Luxury. So you have a BMW 745 with stock paint on rims. Who cares? We don’t.

Innovative Wheel Designs. We saw plenty of wild wheels in 2013. Who’s gonna bring it in the new year? 

Quality Car Shows/Events. The car shows, events and hangouts are what keeps custom car culture alive! Got an upcoming show we should know about? Hit us up!

1991-1996 Impalas & Caprices. Who doesn’t love a Bubble? We think they’ll be back in style in 2014.

LSx Swaps. This is becoming far more common and we love it simply because it makes some of these old schools much more driveable.

Air Bag Suspension Systems. It ain’t about mini-trucks anymore! Air bags are popular across the board and will continue to be in the new year.


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