Instagram MVP: @Caliboyscars

With almost 18k followers and nearly 10k posts, "Cali Boy's Cars" is one of the top Instagram pages in the game!

Words: Evan ‘Evo’ Yates

Photos: Carlos Campbell aka @Caliboyscars

People create car-themed Instagram pages for many reasons. Some have aspirations of being Instafamous, others want to sell ad space and some just want something to do while slacking off at work. But there are some pages that truly are built upon the foundation of pure admiration for the car game and Carlos Campbell aka Cali Boy is one of the few that have a genuine affinity for custom car culture and he proves it every day.

The variety and diversity in Carlos’ posts range drastically from Lowriders (his first love) to Mini-trucks, Donks to Slabz and everything in between. It’s apparent that he has a legit love for custom cars as a whole and even if he doesn’t love a particular style, he gives it the respect it deserves which is very rare. Far too often people assume their style is the only one that counts and all others are blasphemy. (I.e. Big Wheels)

Admittedly, most of the pics and videos posted on the page are not Carlos’ but he does an excellent job of shouting out either the car’s owner, the photographer or the shop who built the ride. In addition, he doesn’t just post up random car pics, he creates creative mash-ups, funny memes and random follower shout-outs daily.

The newest feature on the @caliboyscars page that will probably be copied by everyone is unique custom car culture videos with applicable music tracks such as a hopping Lowrider with some early ‘90s Dr. Dre in the background. Creative ideas like these are what keep 17,904 people and myself checking his page on the regular.




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