Reader’s Rides – Instagram Edition

Wanna have your whip featured in our new Reader's Rides section? Here's your shot!



As you know, we only have so much room in our magazine. And even though we’d love to feature everyone’s whips, we simply can’t make that happen so we’re creating a new section in the magazine dedicated to our loyal readers.

Typically, a Reader’s Rides section is comprised of pics submitted via email or if you’re really old school, via snail mail. That being said, we’re gonna flip the script and publish the NINE best Instagram pictures from our loyal readers. See below for the rules!



– You must use the hashtag #IGRIDES in the caption/comments.

– You must tag @ridesmag in the picture.

– Submitted pictures must be a SQUARE picture.

– Pictures with black borders will not be considered.

– Please, only ONE submission per account.

– Deadline for submissions is Friday, January 17th.


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