RIDES Rendered: Jaguar F-Type Coupe!

We show you what we think Jaguar's hardtop sports car will look like.

Our RIDES render of the Chevrolet SS sedan was such a hit, we decided we’d drop a few more of these exclusive previews of the hottest cars you haven’t seen yet. Next up on the list: the coupe version of Jaguar’s F-Type sports cars.

With a choice of 335, 375 and 488 horsepower supercharged motors and seriously mean looks, the F-Type is one of the cars we’re most looking to drive. But as much as we love a fast droptop, if we’re checking out something sporty and our money is on the line, we usually pick coupes over ‘verts—not only do they usually look cleaner, they also tend to handle better ’cause they have stiffer chassis.

The F-Type Coupe will likely be dropping in the next 12 months, so keep your eyes peeled for the production car—but be sure to tell ya friends that you saw it before anyone else, courtesy of RIDES! (In fact, just share the pictures with them.)

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