1975 Chevrolet Caprice: Space Age Dreamin’

This Ocala baller’s dream was of a spaceship cloaked as a Caprice.

Story: Evan “Evo” Yates

Photography: Andrew Link

When 8ball and MJG dropped their cult classic “Space Age Pimpin’” in 1995, it conjured images of pullin’ up to a futuristic club in a candy spaceship with a dime piece ridin’ shotgun. A couple years ago, Ocala whip game vet Serg had a dream of his own: building a Donk with candy on the outside and a Star Trek-spec cockpit inside.

Serg’s vision would typically be tricky to tackle, but with a local outfit like Big Wheels Customs, the dream was within arm’s reach. The first decision was the color, which Serg wanted to be an attractive Kandy shade, and he ended up with a custom blend featuring an Orion Silver base and a Kandy Fuchsia overlay. “It’s a unique color,” says Serg, “and you don’t see that color around a lot.” In addition to the purple paint, a matching top and a custom Gulfcoast Dzigns grille complete the enchanting exterior. When first completed, Serg rocked a set of 28-inch DUB spinners, which he liked, but he felt that he needed to step it up a bit. “I had to switch up the wheels to those new Asantis,” he proclaims. “The new wheels take it from hood to, like, a boss level—upgraded, ya know?”

As much as Serg adores the exterior of his chic convertible, his true love is the insides. “I wanted to make an old-school look new-school—and make it look space age,” explains Serg. “That’s why everything on the inside is floating.”

“Space age” is certainly an accurate description of the interior, as it looks more like Cmdr. Riker’s helm than the inside of a 38-year-old car, with the dozens of LCD screens and futuristic paneling. What used to be the dash is now science-fiction status, as it features a collection of electronic equipment starting with custom Dakota Digital gauges up top, three LCD monitors underneath, a 22-inch LCD under that, and a Clarion head unit and Power Acoustik EQ below. The door panels are also innovative, with Kandy fiberglass fixtures freely floating on purple suede. Serg loves to cruise his sexy ’75 around Ocala—he feels he’s the top Donk around. “People go crazy when they see it,” he exclaims. “I don’t think anybody is on my level out here!”

Spec The Technique:

Year/Make/Model: 1975 Chevrolet Caprice

Performance: 350 small-block; Edelbrock 750 carburetor, performer intake; MSD ignition; Hooker headers; 700 overdrive transmission; 4.56 gears; three-inch Flowmaster exhaust

Exterior: Gulfcoast Dzigns custom grille; Matrix Armada Silver base with fuchsia candy

Interior: Chrome steering column

Ice: Dakota Digital gauges; Clarion CZ200 head unit; Power Acoustik PMW-70 EQ; 10 headrest monitors, three 10-inch LCD monitors, one 20-inch LCD monitor; 12 Eminence 6-inch mids; ten O2 Audio bullet horn tweeters; four Kicker L7 12-inch subwoofers, two 1200.1 amplifiers, two 750.4 mid amplifiers

Wheels/Tires: 30-inch Asanti Biscayne wheels; Lexani LX-9 tires, 265/25/30

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