Donk Transformation By 813 Customs

813 Customs took this 'vert from flashy to classy!

Words: Evan “Evo” Yates

Tear-away checkered flags were in high-demand at one point in the Donk game but as all fads do, the theme was short lived. This ’74 Caprice ‘vert rolled into 813 Customs with gold-leaf checkered flags and spinners and was transformed to a clean-and-classy ride that anyone can appreciate. Our friends at 813 repainted the Donk, completely re-did the guts, added some 26 inch Asanti wheels and a fresh Tiarra grille among other upgrades. Check out the dope video from Linny J above and for more, check out the latest issue of Donk, Box & Bubble for a full spread on this serious ’74!

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