Chevy Impala

"Represent where you from, you don't want none, Mississippi."

[Shout-out to Joseph Stewart!]

5 Responses to “Chevy Impala”

  1. Lakendred Hughes

    My name is Lakendred Hughes at Kdh KUSTOM’S I done this car for my home boy Joe. Im so proud to see it on rides magazine website. We don’t get nothing like this in mississippi. So to see this car on here it makes me feel so good with my work. Thanks rides we don’t have a real big shop like everybody else but thanks for putting us on the map.

  2. Patrick Jackson

    Nice car. It would get looks anywhere you take it. I’m from Georgia but good job Mississippi!

  3. Mr. Incredible

    it want b long im coming for rides. just lettin u kno dat 72 is droppin shit all over da streets of Mississippi and everywhere else.da hulk comin soon to ride with u my nig.


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