Donk, Box & Bubble Is Back!

This time we have a few surprises in store for y'all. Check the video to see what we mean. On stands April 2011.

2011 DONK Magazine Teaser from RIDES Magazine on Vimeo.

Keep your ears to the pavement cause Donk, Box & Bubble is going to be hitting HARD at newsstands soon! D,B&B will be back with the same competition crushin’ excellence you’ve come to know, along with some surprises up our sleeves and some stuff that’s never been done before! Check out the video above for a little taste.

And get ready to cop the Spring 2011 issue of Donk, Box & Bubble in April.

18 Responses to “Donk, Box & Bubble Is Back!”

  1. josh guyer

    hey wats good im real happy to see DBnB back at it. i am a donk ridin goon outta mn who still looks thru the pages of my old issues of DBnB and am a loyal reader of every rides mag that hits the stands! but n e way ive taken my passion to the next level and have a underground but somewhat legit shop goin on in mpls mn i started in st paul but over the last cple yrs of networkin n puttin myself in the rite positions to be able to do wat i need to do i ended up in mpls. but i was writin to let u kno about the whip game up here its pretty weak but i am doin wat i can to make shit happen by doin shit right and by linkin up w the right people ive been able to provide quality woork from all angles. so i will send yall some pics of my personal rides in progress and show ya how i get down and if ur ever tryin to put mn on the map a lil bit get at me and i can point u in the right directions. good lookin on bringin back DBnB im anticipatin the arrival. check out some of my work at and use the .com i recently started linkin up w diff car clubs and have many whips to grace ur pages w too if ur ever in the area give me a notice and ill round up a squad or two .josh at capitol city customs 651 366 8458

  2. Joy Toy

    Luv da mag… Ya’ll gonna do subscriptions? If so, where can I sign up so I can get 1 4 da hubby? He luvs da mag 2. He’s got a ’83 Chevy Caprice 😉 Thanks 4 bringin da mag back. Let me know bout da subscriptions if u got em. Thanks 😉

  3. jaychevy

    yes!!! i’m so happy that yall doing it again let these people know what a donk, box and bubble is a donk is 71-76 impala or caprice and a box is a 77-90 impala or caprice and a bubble is a 91-96 impala or caprice i moved to texas last year and they slow down here they dont know nothing here about a donk they put big rims on a cop car[crown vic] and call it a donk LOL!!!! LMAO!!!! i call them fed boiz

  4. slim

    Glad to see the donks,box,&bubbles is back on stands,iI have a 71 caprice that im working on .The mag gives me good ideas for my car,but the thing i want to see is a top ten in the donk world.It’s some hot donks out here lets clame the fame in the top 10. Glad to see yall back.

  5. BG

    I just picked up the latest issue. I usually skim through the pages before purchasing any magazine but I knew this is what I wanted. I purchased my magazine and out the door I went.
    Well to my surprise I see girls were added to the magazine. Cool. What wasn’t cool was too much focus was on the girls and not enough on the cars. It’s like the cars took a backseat to the girls rear ends. I like girls, that’s why I am married, but I buy car magazines to see pics of the cars.
    I couldn’t really see all the quality work because of the skewed views and poor camera angle choices. Beyond terrible, horrible. First donk on staggered 30’s but not the best pics to see.
    I couldn’t believe I paid 8 dollars for this garbage. If you want to keep the girls cool. Please lets do a better job for an overall presentation.
    I do think you guys are on to something. Instead of making this a quarterly or special edition mag, lets do all 12 months. Let’s make it a monthly mag. The demand is there and this “big wheel” stuff won’t die anytime soon.

  6. Glass Man

    Was stoked when I finally found the new issue. However, a little bit disappointed in the lack of quality in more than 1 of the cars. ESPECIALLY the pink Caprice. Pitted chrome, you can clearly see where the bumper extentions were, but have been removed. The carpet on the driver’s side near the door jamb, clearly is cut way short! Not to mention that it wasn’t even vacuumed. REALLY?? Your car is getting featured and you don’t vacuum it. This is the lack of quality that gives these cars a bad name. its not just about throwing a bunch of TVs and subs in a car, bolt on some big rims, a Maaco candy paint job and callin it a day! SHOW US SOME QUALITY!! I definitely expected more from a sister mag of RIDES!

    • ced

      whats up man where did u get that copy of donk box and bubbles at u can email me or call me at 662 820 8253 thanks.

  7. Laraine Moore

    Live in NC. and trying to find issue for son in Florence Prison Camp. It is the issue with the 1972 Red Chevy Impala that has the motor coming out of the hood. I am trying deperately to find this issue, apparently recent issue and I am unable to find it on web or thru Long didyance calls. Is there anyone out there that can help me locate this particular magazine now? I would apprecyae a holla back.

  8. Bryant Goodman

    I never got my April copy of Donk Box Bubble. I got the June issue of Rides.

  9. Bryant Goodman

    The last issue I got before the June issue was the March/April so I’m missing the May issue too! I’ve been very busy lately.

  10. Desiree Morton

    Would like to order a 1-yr subscription as a gift please advise? I’ve called the number and its stated that number listed is not valid 212-462-9525 and when you click the above “Subscription” area it just continue to locate.
    Thank you for giving this your immediate attention,


  11. Will

    Hi Desiree,

    If you’d like to subscribe, just click where it says “Check Out The Current Issue Here,” either at the top or the bottom of this page. But if you still have troubles, please let us know.

  12. Tasha From Jacksonville

    So I need to order Donk, Box & Bubble magazine for a subscription for a friend, but I only see the rides magazine. I know this may be a girl question….but is Rides magazine and Donk, Box & Bubble the same thing? Or do I need to order them seperate? Somebody please help me?


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