Chevy Green, Leather Sofa

A fresh Chevy box.

24 Responses to “Chevy Green, Leather Sofa”

  1. demond

    hi my name is demond I’m 14 and i turn 15 on august the 13 this year and i love cars with big rims and but theres more to it but i can’t explain what I’m tryin to say.I have a game called midnight club los angles and i loved cars since i can remember that’s the only game i care about.My favorite car is a 70 Chevrolet i just love the sound of it and my other favorite car is a grand national.i just want i car dat i can fix up a project car but a old mother has a regal 4 door and she’s thinking about giving it to me but its cool.I was just wondering how much would it cost 4 a paint job,interior coloring ,set of 22″ are 24″ rims that’s yellow and purple but mono rims yes the game got me loving them.I want my car nice and number is 314-747-3625 please give me a call andetme no how much that cost theres a lot of more stuff i now bout cars but its 5:00 in the morning so i can’t think straight rite now ifound this website on Google searching regals on 24″inches.I like all the cars i seen on here thanks 4 reading this if u do bye

  2. M.Tompkins Jr.

    This is clearly one of best looking box Chevy’s i have ever seen. Brilliant color scheme..a true inspiration

    • fazarati

      if u think this is the best lookn box chevy you must have not seen alot of them im not sayn its ugly cause it is nice but its not the best


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