No Limit Inc. Of Baltimore, Maryland

Owner of Baltimore’s No Limit Inc., David Barron learned firsthand that the success he achieves is proportional to the effort he puts in.

Story: Reynald Fries
Photography: Kyle McManus

Custom cars aren’t as common in the Northeast as, say, the South. Snowplows muscle through city streets frequently to clear paths for cars, ultimately tearing holes in the pavement. These adverse road conditions aren’t made for riding on 30-inch rims without bending or busting ’em up in potholes. Additionally, all the street grit getting kicked up everywhere can easily ruin an extravagant paint job. So how does custom-car society thrive in the Northeast? We asked David Barron, owner of No Limit Inc., how they do it in Baltimore, Maryland.

“My [clients] are just hoppin’ out clean,” he explains. “It’s more like, ‘I want my car to look nice, but I don’t want my car to look hooked up.’” Although each car undoubtedly gets hooked up, the mods are subtle yet still manage to turn heads.

The 10-member crew at No Limit has high standards for cars that leave the shop. Fresh, classy upgrades are a must, but maintaining practicality as a daily driver is equally important. A typical job involves upgrading new rims, paint or wrap, lower suspension, blacked-out lights, audio and interior. By making many quick upgrades, David’s staff can turn around 25 cars in a single day. No Limit stays away from the crazy, over-the-top paint colors and pinstripes. David sits down with each customer, offering his input by, for example, explaining the pros (or cons) of extremely big wheels in the Northeast. Don’t expect to see flake, pinstripes or front-end conversions with custom sunroofs and 32s from No Limit.

David started out on his own installing radios, earning just enough money to feed himself and keep a roof over his head. Today, more than a decade in business and 30,000 sales receipts later, he’s modifying cars for celebrities, athletes (like Allen Iverson and Michael Phelps) and hip-hop moguls all over the country, Northeast style. “I [get] guys from the San Diego Chargers all the way to the Miami Dolphins, who could [customize] their cars in any of those cities,” David says with satisfaction. “But they still come back here.” Super Bowl XLVII champions Ray Rice, Torrey Smith and Lardarius Webb recently brought their cars to No Limit. Despite his elite-class clientele, David has the greatest respect for locals who come to his shop for a quick upgrade like new wheels or wraps. “I’m still a Baltimore kid,” he humbly admits. “I’m still connected to those cats.” And he depends on them to keep the shop in business.

Shop Talk:


Owner: David Barron

Address: 6503 Belair Road; Baltimore, MD 21206

Contact Info: 410-426-RIMS

Time In Business: 14 years

Shop Specialties: Repairing, upgrading and customizing vehicles

Standout Vehicles: Widebody Bentley Continental

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