Parker Brothers Concepts: Dream Machines

What began as a hobby for Marc and Shanon Parker led to TV contracts, a project with 50 Cent and fame like they never expected.

Story: Reynald Fries
Photography: Andrew Link

Brothers Marc and Shanon Parker, founders and owners of Florida-based Parker Brothers Concepts, started from humble rural beginnings, spending each day doing what they enjoyed. “We grew up on a farm in South Carolina, and we’ve been tinkering with cars and motorcycles since we were old enough to walk. We’ve always done it as a hobby,” Marc explains. Having spent their whole lives exploring metal fabrication and auto design, they pursued a career in construction while building cars and bikes for pure enjoyment. “We did choppers, we did hot rods and things like that, but we were always more interested in doing way over-the-top, extreme stuff,” Marc recalls. If they weren’t building their own vehicles, they were helping to build cars and bikes for friends. The two brothers were rarely satisfied with aftermarket products, so they got into the habit of fabricating their own parts, thus ensuring the end result was a car or bike that looked the way they wanted it.

As time passed, the Parker brothers’ skills became sharper, so they started taking on more complex work. They always had a high level of respect for old-schools, bikes and new-schools, but they found motivation to think bigger from comic books, science fiction and technology. So when they heard it’d be impossible for anyone to build a working replica of a light cycle from Walt Disney Pictures’ Tron, they buckled down to prove everyone wrong. The project took about two months to complete, and the result is the PBC Neutron Bike, which is arguably the closest damn thing to a real-life light cycle available. That was roughly two years ago. “We’re a lot more experienced now,” Marc says. “We have a much bigger facility, a lot more tools and machinery. When we built the first one, it was in our garage with simple tools. Now we’re equipped to build anything.” Today an identical project would take less than two weeks.

While building their Neutron Bike, friends and passersby would take pictures and post them online, where the images went viral. They were caught off guard with a bombardment of phone calls, e-mails and other requests from all over the world from people looking to buy a Neutron Bike. Not just ordinary people—soon world-renowned rapper, actor and entrepreneur 50 Cent came calling, asking for his own one-off vehicle built completely from scratch. (But Fiddy isn’t the only rapper who’s seen their work; the Neutron Bike also made an appearance in a Birdman video.)

With so many fascinated in the work they were doing, SyFy soon contacted them and offered a contract for a show. Needless to say, the Parkers accepted the offer; it’s called Dream Machines, and the brothers collaborated with 50 Cent and convinced the rapper to appear in the first two episodes.

The Parker Brothers Concepts portfolio is full of vehicles that would otherwise only exist in our imaginations (or via CGI). They built a Tumbler replica based on the car in Batman Begins and the Shredder from the Battleship film. The brothers have been known to do “normal” cars as well; they built the GT1, a supercar that competed in the Gumball 3000. It’s essentially a super-fast car based on a 2014 Nissan GT-R, with performance enhancements up the wazoo, fitted with 21-inch custom ADV.1 rims.

As for their TV show, they’re currently working on season two—now with 50 Cent as executive producer. With airplanes and submarines on the list of potential projects, the possibilities for these brothers are endless.