Swift Custom Wheels: Pace Cars

This Naptown shop sets the tone for Indiana's custom-car culture.

Story: Evan “Evo” Yates

Photography: Jeremy Cliff

ndianapolis, Indiana, aka Naptown, has always maintained a respectable custom-car culture. Unfortunately, until online forums, YouTube and social media got crackin’, no one outside the 3-1-7 had a clue. But this lack of recognition led the city as a whole to push harder, duplicating their efforts to put Nap on the map, and leading that charge is Swift Custom Wheels.

Swift Custom Wheels (SCW) was founded three years ago by owners Darius Kamran and Luke Mulvey. You may remember Luke from the RIDES “How We Roll” exposé on Indianapolis’s car culture in the December/January 2009 issue, as he was literally supplying the streets with fresh wheels out of his garage (where we did one of the photo shoots). Darius hails from the West Coast, where he was a self-proclaimed “freelance auto designer” and brought connections to California distributors. The combination of the two wheel masters was an instant recipe for success.

SCW firmly subscribes to the old adage “Stick to what you’re good at,” and what they’re good at is custom wheels. As many shops tend to be jacks of all trades, masters of none, SCW simply masters their craft and is proud of it. “We place an emphasis on customization,” explains Darius. “And we stock many wheels and change offsets in-house depending on the application.” Not only is SCW focused on customization, but they’re also all about the overall customer experience; whether you’re in town or in another state, SCW has got your back.

“Our local customers enjoy an ultra-lounge atmosphere, and long-distance customers take part in virtual build experiences via Skype or FaceTime,” says Darius. Another appealing attribute of SCW is their dedication to getting your project completed in a prompt matter, which is fitting because it’s the origin for their business name. “The definition of swift is ‘quick to react, act promptly or accomplish quickly,’” explains Darius. “We live in a society were people are constantly rushing, so why not give the customer what they want? Taking care of business in a swift manner.” Darius affirms that although they typically deal in custom forged wheels like MHT or Forgiato, they also cater to the customer with tight pockets. “In the last few years, the Nap movement has shifted from size conscious to high-quality, multipiece wheels,” says Darius. “But we have something for every customer and every budget.”

SCW recently made their grandest statement yet as they transported two tractor-trailers’ worth of whips to ForgiatoFest in Miami, gaining respect in the mecca of big-rim culture. “ForgiatoFest gave us the opportunity to represent our city on a national level and to show that our local builds can hold their own on the main stage,” says Darius. “We create trends that are embraced nationally.”

Shop Talk:

Name And Address: Swift Custom Wheels 2302 E 38th Street Indianapolis, IN 46218

Phone: 317-500-4543

Website: swiftcustomwheels.com

Instagram: @swift_custom_wheels

Years In Business: 3

Owners: Darius Kamran and Luke Mulvey

Specialties: Custom wheels and fitment solutions, complimentary custom color finishes

Average Turnaround Time: 2 to 4 weeks

Popular Builds: 1 of 400 Furious Fuchsia SRT8 Challenger on 24-inch and 26-inch Forgiato Barras; 1986 Grand National on 24-inch Forgiato Trifolios (rear wheels, 24×12 with 8-inch lip)