Mansory CYRUS Package For Aston Martin DB9/DBS

Is the Aston Martin DBS with the limited edition Mansory CYRUS Package hot or not?

Mansory set out to completely refine the chassis for the Aston Martin DB9 or DBS with the CYRUS Package, releasing this limited edition modification on only 15 vehicles. The aerodynamic mods include extended front and rear spoilers, side skirts and new trim all made from very lightweight “prepreg autoclave carbon.” Keeping in mind the energy required to power the massive 12-cylinder engine of the DBS, the engineers at Mansory designed a front skirt with very big air intakes (aka “power domes”) which provide optimal ventilation for the engine. The rear skirt is designed around four stainless steel exhaust pipes (although we only see 2 exhaust pipes in the images. . .) for the sport exhaust system offering deeper, louder sound. The entire car looks enhanced and superior by being covered in carbon, and vehicle response is improved just as much.

The leather and stitched interior looks just as visually intense as the outside. The headrests and door sills are lit up and there is carbon all throughout – on the dashboard, center console, and interior trim.

For its feet, Mansory equipped the DBS with 20-inch forged alloy rims in front, 21-inch for the rear, while maintaining minimal weight. All four feet are delicately wrapped in Dunlop Sport Maxx socks (255/30ZR20 front, 295/25ZR21 rear).

What are your opinions of Mansory’s CYRUS package? Too much, too little, or perfect?

[Shout-out to Mansory and SpyAutomotive!]

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