RIDES Exclusive: 813 Customs

Just another evening after putting in a hard day's work...

Video: Evan “Evo” Yates

Here’s another video bringing life and sound (and doing justice) to the still images we all love in RIDES Magazine! Take a look at how the wet candy paint gleams, and get the proper perspective on the spinners spinnin.’ How better to complement the print edition than with online, all-exclusive, behind-the-scenes video footage of how the realest of cars end up in the Realest Car Magazine Ever!?

3 Responses to “RIDES Exclusive: 813 Customs”

  1. Kee

    T-Bay is where it is at now! And 813 Customs is stealing the spotlight from all these other places.

  2. dolo54

    The paint is on point but the stance is f–ed up. That back wheel needs to be pushed back an inch and tucked proper.


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