SR Auto Group: Working Class

This crew brings new meaning to the classification of automotive status.

Story: Michael Crenshaw

Photography: Tomasz Wagner

When the world’s economy took a tank slapper in 2009, many people thought the days of abundant spending and lavish riches went peeling off in a stock market–filled haze. However, some companies, such as Vancouver, B.C.’s SR Auto Group, dealt with the shaky times by taking the biggest risk of all. After successfully purchasing SR Auto Group from its original investors—initially gaining capital through a successful online auto-parts business—Tony Yuen, along with two other partners, merged businesses to launch an 8,800-square-foot office and installation headquarters. That same spring, SR launched the SR Gallery, a 2,000-square-foot supercar showroom focusing on their latest and most innovative projects to date, while also showcasing local Vancouver artists and adopting their newly created Lifestyle Boutique into their résumé.

The shop features an executive lounge where customers can relax and watch TV on massive plasma screens—as well as get glimpses of what their future project cars have in store for them in the Avex Sound Room, designed to offer audiophiles a chance to experience what their car will sound like. “We opened the SR Gallery in spring 2009, and with the global recession at its peak, we decided to make a bold move during a turbulent time,” general manager Tony recalls. “As for expansion, we’re always on the lookout for the next game-changer to add to our collection.” It’s a collection that includes highly prized mobile phones by Mobiado, musical instruments by Fazioli and timepieces that offer more than just the time.

Future endeavors—such as collaborative efforts within real estate, wheel designs exclusively for the Aventador and a self-sufficient SR Service Division—will cement SR Auto Group’s status as one of Canada’s (and perhaps the world’s) most prolific high-end luxury automobile shops.

Shop Talk:

Shop Name: SR Auto Group

General Manager: Tony Yuen

Years In Business: 10

Shop Specialties: Wheel and tire installation; custom audio

Standout Vehicles: Lamborghini Reventón on ADV1s

Average Turnaround Time: Two to three weeks

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