Platinum Motorsport: Tied Up

Wicked whips of the west.

7327 Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles, CA

George and Jack Keshishyan

One-stop shop for high-end cars


Check out some of Platinum Motorsport’s creations in more detail in our Car Features section.

Photography: Scott Dukes

12 Responses to “Platinum Motorsport: Tied Up”

  1. tobes

    yea yea im a real fan of there work, each car is truly perfected to the fullest.

  2. Sam

    Went to Platinum Motorsport to get my car done and the cars look good but service was really bad and final product was just ok. Detail work was poor.

    • THi

      Go to Platinum Vip in irwindale, ca….You wont be disappointed….the owner of the shop getts down a dirty too…high quality work…not like platinum motorsport…


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