Branded Customs: Dallas Mavericks

This shop proves that going rogue can pay off in the long term.

(Photography by Costas Stergiou)

Shop Talk:

Shop Name: Branded Customs (formerly Hack Shack)


Address: 4635 Northwest Hwy, Garland TX 75043

Owned By: Jay Ivey

Years In Business: Nine

Shop Specialties: Highly custom audio and video; specialized wheels and tires; custom suspension (including air suspension); comprehensive automotive restyling

Celebrity Clientele: Terrence McGee, Chris Johnson, Terrell Brown, Kenoy Kennedy, Ike Diogu and more

Standout Vehicles: Which ones aren’t?!?

Average Turnaround Time: Job dependent; accurate estimates for cost and delivery always provided

Wanna know more about Branded Customs? Then check out the December/Jaunary 2011 issue of RIDES, on sale everywhere now!

3 Responses to “Branded Customs: Dallas Mavericks”

  1. Jesus Zarate

    I have the luck of ride on a few cars and trucks customized at Branded customs when were known as Hack Shack, My friends get air suspensions. car lifts w/26’s, and sound systems, all of ’em really well done, all work was reliable, functional and exelent customer service.

    I am close to complete my budget money to do some mods in my 2006 Toyota Tundra. Where?… of course at Jay Ivy’s Branded Customs.

    Jesus, Richardson, Tx.

  2. Tiffiany

    Well this is one place I will never use again. We recently took our truck to have some work done to it and it was stolen from the company lot. The owner Jay not sure of what type of business he is running, but since the truck was stolen he has not called me once. Any contact I have had I called them. Business is Business and when you have intercepted someone’s property it seems as if you would value your customers and have the respect to call them. Still to this day i haven’t heard anything from him and it’s been abt 3 weeks no. No type of Customer Service or Care for his customer he will never get my business again.

    disappointed, mesquite, tx


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