Ultimate Audio

Ultimate Audio doesn't want to intimidate y'all with its wild builds. Relax, they got you too.

1220 West Main Street, in Lexington, South Carolina

Shawn Arnold

The best in customization, with an emphasis on audio-related builds.


4 Responses to “Ultimate Audio”

  1. steve

    love your work. i recently inherited a 64 4dr impala. i want to donk it out, however, it needs a mid to heavy restoration as well. lookin for a shop a thats capable, along with an estimate, as to how much this would typically cost.

  2. lamond

    Thank you Rides Mag…i was looking for a custom shop to my 67 pontiac lemans to another level and when i opened the mag and saw their pontiac i was sold…and the sweet thing about it Ultimate Audio is only about and 1hr 15 away…thanks

  3. william

    have a 95 impala don’t know what to do with it. could you refer any custom shops near chattanooga TN


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