Eight RIDES Featured Car Cameos

You've seen them in book, now peep them on the screen.

Rick Ross, "Swear to God"

Rick Ross, “Swear to God”

Not only does Ricky Rozay’s ’73 Caprice grace the pages of RIDES, but he also shot his video for “Swear to God” while on set for the RIDES shoot.

E-40, "Earl That's Yo' Life"

E-40, “Earl That’s Yo’ Life”

E-40 keeps it O.G. for his “Earl That’s Yo’ Life” video with his 1970 Cutty.

Justin Bieber, "Boyfriend"

Justin Bieber, “Boyfriend”

Although he’s been making some questionable decisions lately, Bieber made the right call with the ’85 El Camino in his video for “Boyfriend.”

Kevin Gates, "Make Em Believe"

Kevin Gates, “Make Em Believe”

Louisiana rapper Kevin Gates took some cues from the Florida Donk scene and included NFL star Patrick Peterson’s ’73 Caprice in his video for “Make Em Believe.”

Curren$y, "Showroom"

Curren$y, “Showroom”

Like Gates Curren$y hails from Louisiana, but he went exotic including his Ferrari 360 Spider in his “Showroom” video.

The Game, "All That Lady"

The Game, “All That Lady”

It doesn’t get much love in the video, but that’s Game’s 2013 Rolls-Royce peaking in there.

Trinidad James, "All Gold Everything"

Trinidad James, “All Gold Everything”

Trinidad James¬†looked to his boy’s ’71 Caprice¬†to give “All Gold Everything” a touch of something that wasn’t gold.

The Wire

The Wire

Alright, it’s not a car cameo but it’s pretty dope The Wire chose to use this Dec/Jan ’06 issue of RIDES to give the show some ‘realness.’



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