Behind The Scenes of Rick Ross’s “Box Chevy” Video!

305 Ricky does it right with his new track "Box Chevy," but one thing's for sure; He should've hit us up for old-school Chevys to put in his video. Your thoughts?

So this video showing some behind-the-scenes footage for Rick Ross’s new video is a sneak peak for what’s to come. We aren’t sure when the official video will be released, but this preview shows two Box Chevys and we want to know what you think of them. In our opinion, The Boss seriously should’ve called us and told us he needed a couple Boxes. After all, RIDES is the official master of Donks, Boxes and Bubbles. There is no one better to call for these things. We can guarantee that we’d find much better Boxes. Don’t get us wrong, the ones found in Ross’s video are decent, but we know where to find only the best of the best when it comes to old-school Chevys. Tell us what ya’ll think!

rides-rick-ross-box-chevy-jacksonville-florida-1 rides-rick-ross-box-chevy-jacksonville-florida-1

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