Rozay Rides His $350k Donk In Miami

The Bawse hits the streets in his Cherry Red Seven-Tre

Just in case you thought Rick Ross was like other celebs that cop whips just to stunt, the Bawse proves in his latest visual he puts the pedal to the floor too. If you wanna save yourself the promotional stuff, skip to about :45 to peep Rozay in the ‘vert RIDES hit you with first a few months back.

RIDES Tip: Watch from :45 – 4:00 for all the whip footage!

One Response to “Rozay Rides His $350k Donk In Miami”

  1. Swervin Zoe

    I dont see $350,000 in this car…south florida top tier donks and donkmaster got half as much $ in there donks n killn ross’s donk


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