Anthony Carter: Triple Double Take

B-ball has been good to this NBA vet—and he's got the whips to prove it.

Story: Michael Crenshaw

Photography: Isaac Mion

Since joining the NBA in 1999, Anthony Carter has been consistent and linear in his progression throughout the league. Following this give-all attitude, Carter knew the success would allow him to branch outside the court. Starting in Miami with the Heat, he was exposed to a place where the car culture stands apart from everywhere else in the country; Donks, Kandy and exuberance cemented a passion in him unlike anything he’d known before.

He knew what he wanted, but it wasn’t compliance with a scene laced with cars of similar stature. He craved dissimilarity and opulence. Starting with a ’67 Lincoln that was made to roll, he wanted to change the way people thought about modifying their old-schools down there. A blown GT500 motor for power; white, pink and Kandy for standing out; and a ’vert for the Miami sun—it’s far from a Donk and exactly what Carter intended. Now far removed from the Miami heat, Carter rocks a Toronto Raptors jersey but still sweats the details of his all-American fleet.

RIDES: How did you get involved in car culture?

Anthony Carter: I got into cars because some of my friends did the illegal stuff in order to pay for painting the car and changing the rims. So I figured if I ever made it to the NBA, I was gonna get a station wagon, because this guy had a station wagon with eight 12s or six 15s, painted blue with some 30s on it. I was like, Man. I got started, you know, from the dope boys in my neighborhood [in ATL].

Once you got into the NBA, what was your first purchase?

I bought a Cadillac Escalade and painted it candy purple, because I got signed with Miami. Then I bought a Benz that was white, and I painted it tangerine red.

How did you come across the Lincoln?
I bought it online [from someone in] Iowa, so I sent him a check. I wanted everything stripped and also made pink—the wires, the brakes, everything.

Since you were playing in Miami, how come you didn’t get a Donk?

I was into them, but so many people had them, and that was what made me do something different with the Lincoln. I had never seen a Lincoln that was custom built with 24s on it, and you could ride with it. I just like to be different. Every car that I do, I want to be different.

But did you get any inspiration from the scene?

Trick Daddy had one, Rick Ross had one…so that made me want to get an old-school but also do something different and show what can be done to a car. You don’t have to go too crazy, but you can still be the coldest one out there. You know, there are TVs everywhere, and you can’t even look at them—getting stuff that you can’t even use on the cars.

Which ride is your favorite?

My favorite is the Hummer, ’cause that one gets the most attention with the 28s and the six 15s in there. But when driving the Lincoln, you get so many thumbs-ups that my wife doesn’t like to ride with me, because people are almost crashing into me. But my favorite is the Hummer because I like loud music.

With all the work done, do you have time to show them off?

Oh, definitely, every show that I can find. If I’m in town, I’ll send them to different states; I’ll ship them to Florida and Atlanta. I’m always doing car shows.

Good to hear! We respect that you flaunt them.

I don’t do all this work to cars to let them sit. I drive my cars, and whenever there’s a show, I drive them there. But if they’re in different states, I get them shipped. My kids love going, and it’s cool showing people what can be done.

Is there anything out right now that’s hot to you?

You got a lot of guys right now switching up to these big-boy cars—Phantoms and Bentleys—unless you go down South, ’cause they still gonna have these old-schools. But I’m not into that; I like to do stuff to my cars. I figure why just buy a car that you’re gonna have to leave stock when you could be doing something crazy to it. But I don’t know what’s hot right now. I just know what I’m riding. My shit is hot.

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