Import Survival Series

Raceway Park /// Englishtown, NJ /// March 27, 2011

Story and Photography: Andrew Link

Raceway Park kicked off car-show season with the Import Survival Series. Despite freezing temperatures, die-hard car nuts still showed up and showed off, even if that meant sitting in their cars with the heat on while waiting for the judges to announce the winners. This show brought out something for everyone: a fully built Civic hatchback with some serious audio to match its widebody, a Benz CLS with an AMG motor swap, and even the RIDES fam Jeep Wrangler.

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  1. Shawn Fugate

    love the magazine guys. Been a fan for years. I have a 07 PT cruiser that Im doing up its kitted up with a few other mods. wanted to see if you guys could do a issue devoted to crossovers, pt’s xb’s , calibers, edge’s, escape,etc.. any brand of crossover.


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