1997 Jeep Wrangler With 2JZ Engine Swap

The idea of putting a Toyota Supra engine in a Jeep Wrangler TJ sounds pretty crazy (because it is), but now that it's been done, it's intriguing.

It’s super weird, but strangely interesting to see a motor from a Japanese-made sport coupe powering an American-made off road SUV. We’ve seen this type of thing before, though, when we spotted a Box Chevy with a 1JZ and even caught a glimpse of another old-school Chevy with a 2JZ.

The JZ motor was made by Toyota, and used for Supra models. Never would’ve guessed one would end up in a Wrangler… It’s powerful though, that’s pretty clear if you watch the 15-second video above. And it’s pretty trippy to hear that sound, coming out of that Jeep.

If you like it enough, you can buy it on Craigslist!