1978 Ford Falcon XC Coupe | For Sale Friday

This Ford was recently up for sale for well over $100k and just got SOLD, but we still had to show a little love to the Aussie muscle car!

Photos: Thorogood Auto Photography

Spec The Technique:

Year/Make/Model: 1978 Ford Falcon XC Coupe

Performance: 351 Cleveland stroked to a 393;
 Quad 48 IDA Webbers; 
Alloy heads;
 Remote billet water pump; 
6 speed Tremec gear box;
 Alloy fuel cell for fuel system; Alcon monster brakes;
 MSD ignition system

Exterior: House of Kolor paint; Handmade tube chassis;
 Canter levered F1-inspired aero tube suspension;
Canter levered four link rear end;
 Custom 9 inch diff housing with aero tube bracing; 
Handmade bonnet & boot hinges; 
Suicide doors with handmade suicide door hinges;
 Handmade sheet metal inner guards and radiator panel; 
Handmade fire wall;
 Sheet metal floor into diffuser at rear; 
Sheet metal dash;
 Sheet metal back seat;
 Handmade roll cage; 
Custom alloy interior panels; 
Sheet metal parcel shelf;
 Hand fabricated exhaust system; 
Sheet metal sills;
 Extensive body modifications; 
Steel Billet logos welded into car; 
Flared front fenders; 
Custom bumper bars; 
Custom door handles incorporated into cowl in front of windscreen operating off bell cranks under dash;
 Handmade billet column and custom cast steering wheel; 
Airbags in front, air cans in rear

Interior: not listed

Ice: not listed

Wheels: Intro billet wheels 20-inch front, 22-inch rear

Shout-Outs: tapd.com.au

source: Australian Muscle Car Sales

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