26-Inch All-Terrain Wheels And Tires By TUFF A.T.

26s on 37s? Best of both worlds!

Tuff A.T, T13. 26X10 wheels and 37×13.50R26 Tuff M/T tires!

  • Mitch Henessey

    dis shig hard AF… didnt even know they made 26 inch off road rims and tires

    • Steve

      Getting some tommarow !lol putting on my2001 f150 platinum

      • Steve


      • Senior K.

        Where did you find off road/ mud tires for 26inch rims. Been searching for about a year and luck. I also have a 2011 f150. If you could, please provide info to buy off road tires for my 26inch rims.


        Senior K.

  • Nick Miller

    How big of a lift is on this truck to fit the 26’s

  • Senior K.

    Where do I find off road/ mud tires for 26inch rims?