The Five Best Old-School Build Threads With Modern Drivetrains

Handpicked build threads featuring some sinister old-schools with modern technology, big power and everyday usability.

There are some really nice builds being brought to fruition as this post is written. Old-school rides with new-school drivetrains, motors and interiors, which essentially make a complete and perfect package when they’re done. Modern reliability with classic looks and tons of power that can be daily driven if it came down to it. In the world of custom cars, these are the builds that are some of the most expensive and thoroughly built, but they are that way for a reason.

Check out the five builds, and links to their build page, in the gallery that caught our eye and made us want to follow the long, arduous, incredibly expensive and one day rewarding process of these excellent projects.

What builds are you following and looking forward to?

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