Prior-Design / Famous Parts Audi R8 Widebody Is Pure Menace

Wider is better, right?

Few new cars on sale today pack the visual punch of the Audi R8. Arguably even better looking than the Lamborghini Gallardo it’s based on, the Audi R8’s design has proven timeless—it looks as fresh today as it did when it dropped in 2008. But there’s always room for the aftermarket to play around with a car’s looks, and while most people would only ruin the R8’s good looks, Prior-Design and Famous Parts clearly have what it takes to make the R8 even more badass.

The Prior-Design widebody kit adds 2.4 inches to the R8’s width in front, and 3.15 inches of width in back—but combined with the matte white paint and the 20-inch Rotiform three-piece alloy wheels, it looks even wider. And with a Famous parts-installed Capristo sports exhaust, this R8 should sound as good as it looks.

If you want one, Famous Parts can build you an R8 just like this in about three months—but you’ll have to send it off to Düsseldorf, Germany, for the conversion. Hey, we’ve been looking for an excuse to go to Europe…[Shout-out to WorldCarFans!]

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