A BMW X5 Pickup Truck?

It's real, and it's in Australia.

A few years back, we saw some pictures online of a BMW M3 with a pickup bed. At first, we assumed—as most people probably did—that it was a Photoshop job, but as it turned out, the M3-with-a-bed was actually a one-off BMW whipped up as a shop vehicle to move parts around for BMW’s M division. It’s probably for the best that BMW didn’t try and sell it—a muscle car with a truck bed is a hard enough sell, let alone an honest-to-God sports car.

But there are other BMWs that would make far better vehicles for a pickup truck conversion, and at the top of that list has to lie the BMW X5. And that’s exactly what Motorline BMW of Queensland, Australia has done. They took a first-gen X5, ripped out pretty much everything aft of the B-pillar, and replaced it with a pickup bed and a roll bar. It reduces the X5 down to a two-seater, but if you haul gear around more than people, this Bimmer would make for a pretty sweet rig. Now—who wants to try a similar project here in the U.S.? [Shout-out to Daily Auto Fix!]

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