Friday Freshness: 2013 Aston Martin Vanquish By Wheelsandmore

It's hard to make the Vanquish any hotter, but they're trying.

Aston Martin make some of the sexiest rides on the rode today, and their new 2013 Vanquish may be the sexiest of the lot. We haven’t driven one yet, but even if it drives like a 30-year-old K-car, we’d still rock one just for its looks alone. But while it looks amazing straight out of the factory, that hasn’t stopped the crew at Wheelsandmore from freshening it up a little.

For their Aston Martin Vanquish project, Wheelsandmore stuck with subtle changes: a slight drop, an offset stripe along the car’s hod, roof and trunk, and a new exhaust system that reportedly ups the power to 597 horses and 524 lb-ft of torque (60 horses and 66 lb-ft more than stock.) As you’d expect with a company called “Wheelsandmore,” they also offer a selection of smart-looking rims—both three-piece forged wheels and carbon-fiber ones. Oh, if only we were making that Aston Martin guap…[Shout-out to GTSpirit!]

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