20HZ Audio’s Insane Chrysler 300C Tries The Tagged Look

We're hoping this former RIDES cover car is just wearing a wrap.

Remember the sliced, diced, steering wheel-less, leather-wrapped-everything Chrysler 300C SRT8 20HZ Audio of Toronto made a few years ago that easily earned itself the cover of our December/January 2011 issue? Well, it’s still around, but it doesn’t look quite the same. We stumbled across some pictures of how this dope 300C appears today, and, well, let’s just say we liked it better before. Popping a faux Bentley front end and a matte graffitti-inspired paint job onto a car is never a step up in our book, but it’s an especially bad move when you’re starting with one of the freshest Chryslers out there. Here’s hoping this Chrysler’s next stage of life will be a little more appealing.

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