Vivid Racing Porsche 911 Turbo

Vivid Racing's Project Porsche 997TT gives a whole new meaning to high-end German engineering.

Beginning with the exterior, this car is wrapped in flat blue and equipped with Vorsteiner carbon fiber front and rear bumpers, clear side markers, TechArt side skirts, and a MaShaw GT2 rear wing. The car is sitting on 19-inch HRE P40 matte black Monoblok Forged Wheels to complete its aggressive look. To improve the suspension, JIC Cross Racing Coilovers were added with Agency Power front and rear sway bars.

But don’t worry, this 997TT doesn’t just sit pretty – it pushes out some serious power figures! VividRacing aimed at reaching a monstrous 800 horses with this Porsche, and they succeeded. The team redid the entire intake system as a means to ensure that the intake filters receive fresh air that hasn’t been heated up by the engine. Twin BOVs are put into use to leak the excessive amount of boost that it takes for the output of 800hp from a 3.6 Liter engine. Vivid Racing upgraded the Porsche’s brake system with racy two piece rotors and stiffened the chassis to make it safer, too.

Check out the the video below to see this beast do its thing! Let us know what you think.

[Shout-out to Vivid Racing]

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