Ferrari F12berlinetta On Staggered PUR 9INE Rims, Thanks To SR Auto Group!

The Canadian exotic specialists pop 21-inch and 22-inch rims on Ferrari's latest car.

The Ferrari F12berlinetta may have an awkward name, but it’s one of the most lustworthy Ferraris we can recall. Between its wind-swept looks, its classy guts and its 730 horsepower V12, this could just be the one car we’d take over any other on the planet. (At least for today. Who knows how we’ll feel tomorrow.)

But factory-fresh F12berlinettas only come with 19- or 20-inch rims (as far as we can tell)—even though those wheel wells can handle plenty more alloy. So the gang at SR Auto Group have plopped some staggered PUR 9INE monoblock rims onto one of the first F12berlinettas in North America—21×9 in front, 22×12 in the rear. It’s a small change, but as you can see, it does wonders for the F12. We’d rock this whip like a hurricane if we had the green. [Shout-out to SR Auto Group!]

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