BMW X6M “Stealth” Edition

Don't let the camouflage wrap fool ya. This X6M is totally in your face!

German aftermarket specialists at Inside Performance created this pixel camouflage BMW X6M which they call “Stealth.” Ironically this car gives off a more “look-at-me” factor than a stealthy one. The car-wrapping scheme is inspired by the camouflage used in the army for jet fighters and other vehicles. The car has an AC Schnitzer body kit and is paired with Vorsteiner concave five-spoke wheels. On the inside, a data display integrated into the dashboard shows the driver all the necessary data like: gas pressure, boost, torque, and temperatures (gearbox, exhaust, air intakes, intercooler). With a modified ECU and other “technical tricks,” this M SUV now pushes out a monstrous 700 horses with 627 lb-ft of torque from its initial 555 horses.

[Shout-out to Car Scoops!]

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