Incredible Chrysler 300C

Seriously dope.

  • Phillie

    Car of the day???? Put this whip on da cover!!!

  • Mike W

    This is one of the cleanest, not overdone 300’s I’ve seen. Totally AGREE with Phillie, put this on the cover, not that $300k 300 that can’t be driven. I understand the look, but this has the look and functionality as well. 10* rating all day!

  • CookiePuss

    SUH-WEET WHIP! Cover worthy no doubt.

  • gregg m

    Hott 300!! I’ve seen this car at shows, and pics do not do it justice. Sickest Craziest 300! Feature this ride PLEEEEEEEASE!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Erick


  • amy coops

    doin it right. droppin it low and like it hot. love the color too. 5 star whip

  • Enrique




    Bad-bottomed 300 amigo. Aggressive stance, fat lips, psyco paint and a mirror in the engine bay! got it all goin on. mad props!

  • LeBron24’s

    i see this car driving around all year not only is this the dudes daily driva but winter to no trailer queen here

  • raul

    saw this car at DUB Memphis this weekend, the pics are way off of this one bro……this is a sick sick car in person, it had different wheels and rear lambos…..insane…..should have won best of show IMO

  • Krystobal

    as sik as sik can get, as dope as dope can be 10 stars all the way

  • SiDebenz

    Boom, Chaka Laka this ride brings dope to a new level Great job on it

  • gq

    nice bro nice, xfam reppin!

  • odie_ohs

    I am a fan on your facebook page and just want to say amazing work!

    The first time I saw your ride, I was had no words to describe it. You have the nicest, cleanest 300 out there. Can’t wait to see it at DUB Chicago.

    Hey Rides Mag, WAKE UP and feature this car already!

  • DodgeCals

    one of XPLIZIT Car Clubs Finest in the Midwest! props to odie…lets git this ride featured RIDES!

  • chazZmatazZ

    nice refreshing change from the DONK style, love the aggressive stance! Have to agree with everyone else’s comments, it SHOULD be featured if it hasnt already.


    Surely a nice ride what sucks is the weak engine. 🙁

  • Static X

    Congrats Big Spicy. Thats why you’re the man!

  • Staley_Deuces

    This car is ALL over the web, facebook, websites, show promos, but its a ride you just get enough of the new wheels look crazee on it and looking to see wat else was done Rides mag needs to get this ride in print so we can see more and read more about it