1996 Impala SS Owner: Drew (David Yates Photography)

1996 Impala SS
Owner: Drew
(David Yates Photography)

  • big o

    thats how we do it n the d.car looks good.

    • Tha Jett

      That’s what it is Detroit at its finest..not lemon….showtime ….Down south yall can have those donks but we keep thoses bubble chevys in all flavors and we runnnnnn….qicsan/missl/cars n stars….jetblaq…94 imp ss

  • That’s “ShowtimeSS” from Detroit.

  • LJ

    The imp is called: “ShowtimeSS”

  • Mr.Flawless

    Mr.Flawless painted the car 313-808-5645 Detroit MI.Coming to a town near you,I make ur dreams reality.www.youtube.com/Mr.Flawless custom life/mr.flawless real wet wet youDECIDE

  • State Fair Ent.

    Detroit Be Clowing Niggas Need To Catch Up Shout Out to I-75 & State Fair And East Side Put Yo E’s Up ”East Side” Lemonade!!!!

  • corey

    that hot

  • B

    Flawless paint my car to and it worth every penny if u gonna do it do it big and he can do freehand paint the best so get u a mural

  • What size are the rims 24”

    • showtime

      yes they are 24″