Green Monster

Chrome, hydraulics and a dope stance.

10 Responses to “Green Monster”

  1. big sall e

    horrible….whats the point, looks like garbage

    theres a point when too much is too much, this crossed that bridge a looong time ago 5 thumbs down How this won best of show at dub twice is beyond me

  2. nine9one

    SAD SAD SAD worst car i’ve seen for Car of the DAY Why waste the money…..EPIC FAIL!!

  3. drummer1

    wtf??? this thing should be lowered on daytons or on some classic wheels and put that motor to use, not jacked up on some UGLY ASS RIMS!!!! destroyed an american class 🙁

  4. Paul

    this car has ZERO hydraulics in it, it sits, stands and rides that way. Agree with Drummer…an american classic destroyed!!! Turd is the wurd!

  5. ChazZmaTazZ

    Total Hot Garbage! Seeing the link Drummer1 posted made me laugh my a$$ off. This car is an utter joke!


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