Dodge Charger | Throwback Thursday

This Charger out of Japan strived for a custom American look and pulled it off with flying colors.

Story: Evan “Evo” Yates

Photography: Andrew Link

Without a doubt, the freshest VIP-style cars are hard-parked somewhere in Japan. Contrarily, if you’re craving candy-painted Caprices, the southeastern United States is your obvious destination. And even though a particular car culture is most authentic nearest its respective mecca, every once in a while a suburban American will construct a credible Crown, and some Tokyo tuner will build a ’63 Impala worthy of Whittier Boulevard. And even though these cases are rare, it’s clear this cherry Charger fits the bill.

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When mimicking a custom automotive style, there’s a fine line between flattery and failure, and unless you pay close attention to the details, you’ll find your ride on Instagram with some unattractive hashtags. Thankfully, the owner of this ruby ride—who, since our photo shoot, has disappeared like a ninja in the night, forfeiting his opportunity to comment—followed the necessary procedure to position his ride in contention with any Charger, no matter the continent. For the exterior, this Cross Car Club member took a page from TS Designs’ book, adding a widebody rear, flared front fenders, shaved door handles and a custom body kit. To top off the exterior modifications, a Brandywine candy was applied with enough metal flake to make any Cali-bred Lowrider proud. And, of course, a U.S.-inspired whip wouldn’t be complete without a set of suitable rolling gear, and this distinctive Dodge was fitted properly with a set of staggered 24-inch Asantis with Brembo calipers and massive rotors behind.

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The audio/visual setup in this magnificent Mopar is borderline overwhelming, with enough electronics to wonder if the car’s owner used a green neon–equipped black Honda Civic to hijack a Rockford Fosgate truck. The audio begins at the custom-fabricated dash and works its way to the back via a fiberglass enclosure housing multiple amplifiers. The proud recipients of the power produced from the Fosgate amps are numerous speakers and subwoofers strategically positioned in the doors and trunk. As the charming Charger sits, its owner has clearly achieved the objective of not only staying on par with the American show car aesthetic, but exceeding expectations, deeming this ride worthy of any city in the U.S.

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