Holy Trinity: 1969, 1970 & 1972 Chevrolet Chevelles

With more than 2,250 horsepower amongst them, Dre’s three Chevy Chevelles in Albany, New York are worthy of worship.

Story: Jonathan Millstein
Photography: Andrew Link

Born and raised in the Albany, New York, area, owner Dre has amassed a garage that reads like a response to fellow Dre’s question from the Chronic 2001: “What’s the difference between me and you?” One ’95 Impala SS, one ’87 Monte Carlo, one ’72 Nova and three drastically different Chevrolet Chevelles.

Dre caught the Chevy bug at an early age and hasn’t looked back. “I got into Chevelles through a cousin of mine,” says Dre. “He was into old-schools when I was younger.” Hooked on Chevelles, his first Chevy was actually a ’95 Impala SS, back in 2000. A full five years would go by before he copped his first “big ticket” Chevy, the orange 1970 Chevelle SS, and it wasn’t until this year that he decided it was time to triple his fleet of Chevelles, adding the purple ’72 and green ’69.

All three had been worked on when he got them, but to Dre they are never finished, as is the case with his favorite, the 1970. “When I got it, it had some work done already,” Dre recalls. “It wasn’t the way it is now…I’ve changed the wheels four times, and I’ve been through four motors. I started with a 383 in there; then I went up to a 454. I ended up going bigger over time. I ended up pulling that and doing a 468, and now it has a 505—about 700 horse[power].”

A car guy at heart, it wasn’t about just owning a few Chevelles or adding a system and paint and calling it a day; Dre had certain expectations for each. “I’d been looking for a tub Chevelle for a long time so I could do the 24×15 [rear wheels],” he says. “I found that one. It was really nice, it had that paint. I got it and redid the interior, redid the music. I did the wheels. I went all through the motor and did some upgrades to get that workin’ right.” The motor overhaul has it producing more than 1,000hp from the supercharged 502.

The green ’vert is driven more by his girlfriend than himself, but that didn’t mean he was gonna skimp on the power, with it topping out at more than 550hp. “They all run pretty good,” Dre says with a laugh. He later reiterates, “You know I like music, and I can’t just ride with no music. But if the car’s not running, I don’t want it.” Not only are Dre’s three Chevelle’s running, but like Chevy, he’s running deep.



Year/Make/Model: 1969 Chevrolet Chevelle convertible

Performance: 468 big block; Holley Performance 750 CFM carburetor; 12-bolt rear end; Eaton posi differential; MSD Ignition; Wilwood brakes; 3.73 gears

Exterior: 2012 Camaro Synergy Series green paint

Interior: White factory reproduction seats; Dakota Digital gauges

Ice: JVC KD-S79BT head unit; two 6.5-inch Jenson speakers; two JL Audio 5.75-inch speakers, two 12-inch W3 subwoofers, one 500/1 amplifier

Wheels/Tires: 22-inch Amani Forged Tremendo 5 wheels; Delinte Thunder D7 tires, 245/30/22 front, 305/25/22 rear


Year/Make/Model: 1970 Chevrolet Chevelle

Performance: 505 big block; Quick Fuel 1050 CFM carburetor; custom-engraved valve covers and breather; Billet Specialties serpentine kit; 12-bolt rear end; Turbo 400 transmission; MSD Ignition; Flowmaster Super 40 Series mufflers; Wilwood brakes

Exterior: House of Kolor Kandy Sunburst orange paint with custom flame graphics; Tiarra Luxury Grille

Interior: Tan, orange and maroon leather; hideaway console; Hurst shifter; custom billet steering wheel; Auto Meter gauges

Ice: Jenson VM9313 head unit; four Power Acoustik component speaker sets; two 6×9-inch Polk Audio speakers; two 6.5-inch Cadence CVL speakers; one 13.5-inch JL Audio W7 subwoofer, one 1000/1 amplifier, one 300/4 amp; one Sound Storm Lab EV4.400 amp; Bullz Audio 6.6-farad capacitor; Shuriken SK-BT35 battery

Wheels/Tires: 22-inch Amani Forged Primo wheels; Delinte Thunder D7 tires, 245/30/22 front, 305/25/22 rear


Year/Make/Model: 1972 Chevrolet Chevelle SS

Performance: 502 big block; Weiand 8-71 supercharger; dual Edelbrock 750 CFM carburetors; Turbo 400 transmission; Flowmaster Super 40 Series mufflers; 4.56 gears; Strange Engineering axles; 9-inch Ford rear end

Exterior: House of Kolor Plum Crazy paint; Tiarra Luxury Grille; purple HID halo headlights

Interior: Purple and grey suede seats, diamond stitching; Auto Meter gauges; B&M shifter

Ice: JVC KW-AV71BT head unit; four 6.5-inch JL Audio speakers, two 6×9-inch speakers, two 12-inch W6 subwoofers, two 500/1 amplifiers, one 300/4 amp; two 2-inch Audiotek tweeters

Wheels/Tires: Amani Forged Vito wheels, 22-inch front, 24-inch rear; Pirelli P ZERO NERO tires, 245/30/22 front, 405/25/24 rear

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