Stance: Infiniti G37, G35 Coupe & G35 Sedan

For all the Infiniti fans out there, we put a G37 coupe, G35 coupe and G35 sedan up against each other to see how they size up in comparison.

Photography: Alex Bernstein

In the world of aggressive fitment, form tends to trump function, and RIDES understands that at times this is a part of custom-car culture. Let’s be serious: Do 30-inch rims on 25 series tires thwart performance? Of course. That being said, we understand not only how paramount stance can be to a whip, but also that sometimes achieving that stance can bring on the haters. Stretched tires wrapped around way-too-wide rims poking outside the fender definitely pique our interest, and though most of the love goes to the imported-car scene, RIDES appreciates what it takes to get the fitment proper.

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